Hospitality work at SXSW

As people from around the nation swarm into Austin for the annual SXSW festival, the JBHS hospitality faces busy shifts at the downtown hotels.

“We went to work a normal shift at the hotels and I work front desk so it was super busy at the hotel with everyone checking in for SXSW,” hospitality student Jessie Merill said.

Although the festival brings in large crowds of people, the hospitality students are continuing their normal work.

“We are doing our normal work at the hotels,” hospitality student Devon Kang said. “The only change is the busyness of hotels and the crowd in downtown.”

Each department in the hospitality has its own assigned work which they are in charge of during their shifts.

“I am in engineering, so I usually start my day by going to any rooms that have work orders,” Kang said. “In those rooms, we do repairs, improvements, I also answer calls for service that could range from anywhere from minor repairs or assistance.”

The SXSW served as a good learning experience for all the hospitality student.

“It was more busy than usual, it can be a little stressful because sometimes I’m not a hundred percent sure what I’m doing, but it was a nice experience,” Kang said.