Who’s Who honorees get the good news

Rachel Baschnagel, Copy Editor

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Not knowing what to expect, a select group of Bowie students crowded into the College and Career Center at the beginning of FIT on a school day just like any other. When multiple department heads greeted them alongside Principal Mark Robinson, suspicions arose that something important was about to occur.

On Tuesday, March 5, 24 seniors were honored as the class of 2019’s Who’s Who recipients. These seniors were assigned to a special FIT described as “Exit Interviews with Mr. Robinson.”

“The administration pulled out all the stops,” senior Who’s Who honoree Matthew Bosnyak said. “The day before, we got slips of paper that said ‘You have been randomly selected for exit interviews with Mr. Robinson on ___’ and there were four separate dates listed. I had the first date picked, as did everyone who got the slip.”

When they arrived in the College and Career Center that Tuesday, they found Robinson welcoming them along with multiple other faculty members.

“They would not let down the facade of it being exit interviews,” Bosnyak said. “Even when there were like five people in [the room] and everyone hadn’t gotten there yet, they were like ‘alright guys, get out your chromebooks, it’s time to take the interviews.’ And then once everyone was there, they announced it and we were all super excited.”

While some honorees already had an idea of what the FIT meeting might actually be about, others were caught by surprise, according to senior honoree Katerina McLennan.

“It was a little weird at first because it seemed like most of [the other recipients] already had some idea,” McLennan said. “But Carolina and I were caught by surprise and we hugged and congratulated each other. It was a room filled with so much excitement and laughter.”

The honorees will be attending a reception in their honor in the library’s Outstanding Room on Thursday, April 11 at 6 p.m. The reception is open to faculty as well as the families of the recipients.

“Our families get to come and a bunch of teachers are gonna be there,” Bosnyak said. “They’re catering food and we get to give a little one-minute speech in front of everyone who’s there, thanking people.”

At this reception, the new honorees will have their pictures mounted on the walls of the Outstanding Room, to remain there for the next four years. They will also each get a chance to speak to the crowd.

“I’m a little nervous about talking in front of a crowd, but I know all of these people and I think it will be nice to get to thank my parents and teachers for everything,” McLennan said. “To me, [being a Who’s Who] means that other people believe in me and believe that I can do and have done great things. It feels so good to know that everything I have done and worked hard for is paying off and being recognized.”

As President of Spanish Honor Society, a Vice President of National Honor Society and Student Council, student leader in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and a four-year tennis player, senior Who’s Who honoree Emily Leeke gave advice to anyone hoping to apply for Who’s Who in the coming years.

“Definitely try to become involved in activities that allow you to give back to our school, but not for the purpose of building a resume,” Leeke said. “Try to do it honestly because everybody who’s a Who’s Who is genuinely a kind person at heart, I believe. The best way to grow as a person and learn compassion towards other people is to help other people, so just try to get yourself in positions where you can make an influence and a difference in our school. Even if you aren’t in those positions, even in a classroom, try to reach out and help everybody you see.”

Social studies teacher and head of the Who’s Who committee Carlen Floyd commented on this year’s group of Who’s Who recipients.

“They’re such a diverse, talented, kind, curious, and exceptional group of young people,” Floyd said. “As a staff, we’re just glad to have a part in the amazing people they are becoming, and who have already done so much.”

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