Nacho Average Food truck alarmed with smokes


Last month, Bowie parents and students were warned of a mechanical issue on the AISD Nacho Average Food Truck. Picture courtesy of Austin ISD Food Services.

Parents were warned of a incident that occured on the Austin Independent School District’s Nacho Average Food Truck last month. In a letter sent to Bowie parents, Mark Robinson addressed the unexpected event that had occured.

“There was a mechanical issue on the district’s Nacho average Food Truck,” Principal Mark Robinson said.

Although the incident was unexpected, the event did not harm any Bowie staff or student.

“No Bowie students or staff were involved or near the truck at the time, but the incident caused a small amount of smoke,” Robinson said.

To ensure the safety of everyone, precaution was taken immediately to check out the incident.

“We immediately contacted Austin Fire Department and EMS to evaluate the Food Services staff who had been cooking inside,” Robinson said.

Although the incident came as a shock to the Bowie community, there were no serious abruptions to the school schedule or the people on campus.

“There were no disruptions to classes, and all Bowie students and staff remained safe,” Robinson said.