Bowie Debate hosts at home

Miranda Cardenas, Dispatch Reporter

Back in October the Bowie Speech and Debate team hosted their annual tournament at Bowie along with St. Michael’s Catholic Academy.

“I thought it was challenging but really fun at the same time,” sophomore Amelia Crawford said.

Since Bowie was teamed up with St. Michael’s, Bowie team members were allowed to compete in the tournament but were also responsible for various tasks to make the day run smoothly.

“Some of my jobs were to set up the coloring station in the cafeteria, show people around the school, and help out with concessions” Crawford said.

Some tournaments can be 12 or more hours long, so it’s important to stay alert and entertained.

“It can get really tiring and boring after hours between rounds waiting for results and having nothing to do, but I’ve made some good friends in debate so they help to pass the time” Crawford said.

Hosting a tournament is an annual event for Bowie and one that takes many people’s support to make possible.

“We do this every year and every year we’re really grateful for the parent volunteers who judge or provide food” Crawford said.

Even though the day is long and rest is minimal, every tournament helps the team bond more with each other.

“It’s a really good bonding experience because you can talk to people you don’t normally see at school everyday and get to know more people who aren’t in the same grade as you” Crawford said.