Teachers using Blend and not teaching

Nick Roberts, J1 Reporter

There is a fairly new program called Blend. Teachers are using it and trying out new functions. Once the teachers see what it can do they take advantage of it. I think teachers use Blend and don’t teach.

Blend is supposed to be a program that helps students and teachers. It has functions to allow teachers to post assignments and lessons. It documents students grades and what they have missing. It shows what assignments are up coming and when tests are. Honestly Blend can be a good program, when used correctly.

Teachers take advantage of those functions. They just post lessons and assignments. While the students are working the teacher just sit at their computer. The teachers can end up doing this for weeks at a time.

For teachers this is good, because they are getting paid to teach indirectly. For students is is not good because they are stuck doing multiple assignments and lessons a class period.

For some students it can be challenging because it can get very boring and hard to pay attention. Class periods can feel endless when students are on Blend all period.

The kids that take their time and work slow have to work fast to finish the lesson. When teacher actually teach, they go at a solid and moderate speed. Most students feel like they learned more. When students are on Blend they do not learn as much because they have to work so fast to finish.

Teachers also use Blend to post notes and make the students do them as homework. Teachers should be giving notes at school. Some teachers just use Blend as a way to do other “more important” things in class and make notes homework.

Some view it as a way for students to work at their own pace. Also teacher can grade work, quizzes, and tests more efficiently. In other words, it makes teachers jobs easier.

Blend can be useful at times. However when students have to be on it every day, they do not understand what they are doing.

When teachers overuse Blend they can make it harder for a student to understand a topic. I say that teachers do this because they don’t feel like directly teaching a lot. If teachers wanted a self pace lesson they would only do this for a couple lessons.

Teachers should just use blend to post two or three assignments and lessons every six weeks, but not every day.

Teachers use Blend to the point where they do not teach. If teachers would limit the use of Blend and not rely on it so much, teachers would go back to giving lessons to the class in person.