Too much homework, not enough time

Alyssa Duran, J1 Reporter

Bowie students receive an unnecessary amount of homework while students at other schools such as Akins are able to finish their work in class without getting a load of homework, which I think is unfair for the Bowie students.

First off, there is supposed to be a divide between school and home. For most students at Bowie there’s no such thing as that because they have to do twice as much work out of school than they do when they’re actually in school. My friends that go to Akins hardly ever have the amount of homework that I do, and they are still able to obtain the knowledge needed to succeed in school.

Some may say that the amount of homework given is only because students need to practice and be able to understand the topics they’re learning about, but how are we supposed to do that if there isn’t a teacher there to help us actually understand the topics?

In addition to that, how are students supposed to be able to accomplish that for every single class assignment with only one night to do so? There have been times where I have almost been brought to the point of tears because of the stress of the amount of homework that I’ve been given, and I’m sure a lot of other students can say they’ve been there too.

My friends at Akins can’t relate to the stress of homework. They’ve told me that their teachers do things in class with them rather than giving homework, which I think is the right way to do things.

At Bowie I feel as if I never get a break from the constant work that is thrown my way, while at other high schools in the Austin area don’t receive as much work or stress that is caused by it.

Yes, people say that Bowie receives so much homework because it’s the best school in the area, and they use that as an excuse to give out an extreme amount of work. Akins has managed to pass all of the STAAR rates, despite the fact that homework is not necessarily given out often.

I don’t think it’s fair that Bowie students receive more homework than Akins students just because of the fact that Bowie is a better school. If anything, wouldn’t it make more sense to give out more homework to schools that are struggling

There comes a point where students need a break from all of the work, and I haven’t received that a single time this year. My peers that go to other schools are able to actually take a break from school.

Bowie gives out an unnecessary amount of homework compared to other schools in the Austin area, and it should change. It is not only stressful, but unfair.