Key Club

Amorah Schultze, J1 Reporter

The Key Club organization is a place for students to gain hours accomplishing charity work and collaborating to improve our school.

“Key Club is an offshoot of Kiwanis Club, which is a worldwide organization,” English teacher and Key Club leader, Jamie Roberts said. “It’s getting students involved early so that they’ll continue to volunteer and be a part of the community after high school as well.”

Roberts says Key Club meets in Room A125, at 8:30 A.M. or 4:30 P.M. on the first Monday of each month.

“The registration for this year’s already done, but if students are interested they can still show up and be kind of like not real members, but they can still participate,” Roberts said. “Next year they can get on board and pay attention, we usually do our registration in September.”

Key Club is welcoming to all students who, so Roberts sees a lot of different people when they meet.

“We have almost two hundred students this year who are all so different with different personalities and interests, but they’re all here to serve others,” Roberts said.
Key Club focuses on a variety of charity projects to appeal to a wide range of students.

“We try to get organizations like middle schools to come and ask us to help them at carnivals, kids that are volunteering at different races in Austin.” Roberts said. “There [are] myriads of options for kids to volunteer, and you can choose what suits you best.”

Key Club is also focused on improving Bowie, not solely contributing to charity outside of Bowie.

“We’re making homecomings for the special needs kids here at Bowie.” Senior and Co-President of Key Club, Emma Davis said. “We’re all going to get together, and make them, and donate them to the kids.”

Emma Davis and the other leaders are making changes to the way the club operates, as she says she wants Key Club to be “a more inclusive place”.

“Last year, we focused on just everyone getting their independent service hours,” Davis said. “This year we’re going to try to do more group activities as, like, a community.”

Roberts says that her leaders are “on top of things,” and she agrees with the changes they are implementing.

“They try to get activities where once a month, as a Key Club organization, we do a service project,” Roberts said. “You see kids with different interests collaborating to all do something great for the school.”

Roberts says the activities of Key Club allow the members to experience a sense of accomplishment.

“When people join Key Club, they realize a sense of responsibility that extends beyond just their own personal life,” Roberts said. “It’s having a commitment to doing something for the greater good of others.”