Venom Review

Shelby Papst, News Editor

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When I hear someone mention Marvel, I think about a big-time hero fighting a bad guy and getting the girl. It seems like a handsome good-guy, most likely played by an actor named Chris, beats up an ugly bad guy every time.

“Venom” directed by Ruben Fleischer and produced by Marvel Entertainment, owned by The Walt Disney Co., was far from the stereotypical superhero movie.

The film was released on Oct. 5 and was centered around the fictional character Venom from the Marvel Comic series The Amazing Spider-Man.

The story follows reporter Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) as his life is ruined after making controversial claims about the Life Foundation, a corporation run by a man named Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed) who was using humans as test subjects for the alien Symbiotes like Venom (Tom Hardy). Eddie breaks into the corporation to find out more information where Venom breaks out of his cell and enters Eddie’s body, fusing the two. From then on Venom and Eddie work together to try and bring the Life Foundation down while at the same time Eddie tries to manage Venom’s aline-like actions such as eating people.

Before seeing “Venom” my only thought was that a new movie was coming out about that one villain with the long tongue who was basically just an emo Spider-Man. I was happily surprised to find out Venom is not the static character I thought he was. He most likely became my favorite Marvel character.

Venom isn’t a boring villain as he’d been portrayed before, but much more that I’m glad the film decided to expand on, like his humor. My favorite scenes in the movie were all the times Eddie would be talking to himself and Venom would offer a sassy remark in reply, much to the confusion of all the other characters who couldn’t hear Venom inside Eddie’s head.

The plot differs from the other Marvel movies in the case of the main character. Eddie, while good looking, wasn’t a gorgeous well-built hunk with lots of money. He was an everyday guy thrown into a crazy situation with little money. I thought this made him stand out in contrast to past protagonists.

I’ve never been a fan of Marvel villains. Compared to malicious DC Comics’ villains like the Joker and Bane, none of the them have struck me as super evil or impactful. However, Carlton Drake shocked me.

From the start, Drake acted in a way that made me instantly hate him. He embodied a good antagonist perfectly with how unlikable he was and it only grew as the movie went on to the point I was anxiously waiting for Venom to get rid of him.

Many audiences have taken to thinking of Eddie and Venom’s relationship as a little more than platonic. It’s understandable to why people have thought this as there is an odd tension between the two, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say there is romantic interest as much as playful banter.

The most memorable scene in the movie alludes to this supposed relationship. Venom, after fusing with Eddie’s ex-girlfriend Anne (Michelle Williams), approaches Eddie in the woods and pulls Eddie into an awkward Venom-Anne-Eddie makeout session. It was very bizzare and something I won’t be visually forgetting anytime soon.

However, the bizarreness was what I think made this movie. It was weird in a fun way. The absurd actions of Eddie and Venom were so much fun to watch and was much more entertaining than I had thought it would be going in.

Stan Lee created many wonderful movies in his time that deserve as much attention as they can get. And “Venom” is no exception. It was so much fun and will happily surprise the people who give it a chance. “Venom” I can proudly say made me much more of a Marvel fan.

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