Senior takes her own route to college in Canada


Senior Ashley Rogans works fast and diligently in yearbook to get all her work completed.Rogans will use these skills and yearbook in her college resume to appeal more the the admission officers of The Universtiy of British Columbia.

It’s a stressful year for the Bowie seniors. Senior year of high school is the year to slack off, have fun and relax, but most of the time it’s the most stressful time of all. Between the madness of college applications and with graduation fast approaching it can be very difficult to determine how exactly to spend what are supposed to be the best months of high school in stress.
For Senior Ashley Rogans it is worth stressing right now to make sure everything is perfect to have a smooth sail into the University of British Columbia where she will be spending the next few years in the college.
Going to the college and keeping a tradition can make it a bigger endeavor and creates more pressure to get accepted. It will keep family tradition alive if Rogans goes there.
“There wasn’t one specific thing but my grandfather went there,” Rogans said.
Going out of state to college can be very costly because of the expenses of dorm living as well as getting to know the surroundings.
Ashley had no intentions to stay close, not only is she leaving the state, she is leaving the country, and is going to extraordinary lengths to go to her dream college and luckily it didn’t come with a big expense.
“Since I didn’t want to go anywhere in Texas and schools out of state can get very pricey I told my dad I was interested so he lived there (Canada) all my junior years so I could get my Canadian citizenship which makes the price of the tuition go down a lot,” Rogans said.
Imagine how hard it can be to have restless night over college applications where students have everything at their fingertips.
Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy for Ashley. Her new school is thousands of miles away making it extra difficult for her to accomplish everything that is needed.
“The application looks much more different than any other application in Texas. Instead of being an essay there are short answer questions which can only have 200 words and sending transcripts and test scores is a pain just because you have to mail everything,” Rogans said. “And it is very difficult to talk to anyone on the phone just because the international line is always busy so I never get the questions I have answered.”
Vancouver is a large campus with many amenities. It is only 30 minutes away from the center of Vancouver.
“I have always thought that Vancouver was the prettiest place ever so of course I would love to live there,” Rogans said.
Rogans will go to UBC to pursue a nursing career in which she plan on majoring in.
UBC has a very large nursing academy with award-winning leaders in nursing and health care.