Reflection club

Azul Lin, Reporter

The competition for this year’s Reflection club is themed “Heroes Around Me,” and the deadline for submitting entries is on Wednesday, October 24, in the library. The purpose of this program is to encourage students to get in touch with their inner selves and recognize the talents of students.

The Bowie PTSA Reflections program is run by members of the PTA Megan Pound and Sarah Jones. They can be contacted respectively at [email protected] and/or 512-921-2379, along with [email protected] and/or 512-268-1633.

Reflections is a national PTA program that began in 1969 with the intention of allowing students to express their creativity, share their thoughts with the world, and to give an acknowledgment for how skilled students can be. The 50th anniversary is approaching quickly this spring, so Bowie aims to suck in as many students into their Reflections club as possible.

This year’s theme for the competition is “Heroes Around Me.” Categories include Visual Arts, Music, Photography, Literature (drama inclusive), Dance Choreography, and Film.

Students will begin their entry journey at the local (Bowie) contest, where their work will be judged carefully, and the highest-scoring entries will be sent to the Austin Area Reflections contest.  Those entries will be further filtered before they then travel on to the Texas PTA competition, and, finally, the Texas PTA will select entries to pass on to the National PTA.

Once on the national level, students can be granted Outstanding Interpretation Awards, Awards of Excellence, Awards of Merit, and Honorable Mention.

The competition has humongous potential in terms of continuing on; the scale begins at the school level but can extend all the way up to a national level, with a couple of competitions squeezed in between.

For more information, or if you want to sign up, you can check their website,