Bowie Ofrenda kicks off this week


Shruti Patel

This is one of the Ofrendas in the library. To learn more about the day of the Ofrenda and the display in the library check out the link.

Shruti Patel, Dispatch Online Reporter

The Bowie  Ofrenda will take place this week, October 29th to November 2nd, in the library. The Bowie week of the ofrenda is offering memories to loved ones who have passed on.

This celebration dates back thousands of years in Mexico. This time of year, the Dia De Los Muertos season is an important time for Hispanic families. Many families set up ofrendas in their homes and remember those who they have lost.

This custom in the Mexican culture welcomes home the souls of passed loved ones and honor their lives. At Bowie, they are having an ofrenda gallery in the library of the Bowie students.

If you have submitted an Ofrenda to be displayed in the library, you may pick it up on Friday 11/2. Bulldogs, to learn more about the ofrendas of the students at Bowie, go by the library this week.