Cross country breaks records


Picture Courtesy of Claire Meyer

The JBHS girls cross country team broke JBHS history and qualified for state.

Shruti Patel, Dispatch Online Reporter

Adrenaline coursed through their veins as James Bowie High School’s girls cross country team competed at the competition in hopes of making it to the state for the first time in JBHS history.

One of the team members, freshman Lily Erb is honored to be a part of such a memorable team.

“I felt honored to be on such a dedicated team that is hungry to win and does the best that they can,” Erb said. “I’m really proud of how hard everyone worked and it’s an achievement to be the first team at Bowie to qualify for state.”

As described by senior, Claire Meyer, the anticipation between running and receiving the score is like no other.

“After you run, it takes them a while to post the results,” Meyer said. “We sat over by the brick wall that they were going to tape the results to, and when they taped the results, we had to fight the crowd of people to see our result.”

After long morning practices and exhausting meets, all the work the girls have strived for had finally paid off.

“One of us saw that it said fourth place and everyone started yelling and smiling,” Meyer said. “There were some tears and a giant group hug.”

The ladies are now in preparation for states in hopes of breaking even more records.

“To prepare for state, we are just going to keep working as hard and often as we have been doing,” Erb said.

Now, the girls are devoting time and effort to ensure that each person is at their full capacity and ready for states.

“We understand that the competition will be harder at state and we know that every single workout we do at 7 in the morning is going to help us get better, faster, and stronger,” Erb said.