Debate team dominates at tournament


Brianna Rodriguez (Left) and Amy Shreeve (Right) are competitors on the JBHS Speech and Debate team who, along with their team outperformed at the Austin HS Tournament. Picture courtesy of Brianna Rodriguez.

Shruti Patel, Dispatch Online Reporter

Students take a deep breath and deliver their speech which they have worked hard on for months, and now it has paid off. Recently, Bowie Speech and Debate competed at the Austin HS tournament and outperformed.

The speech and debate at Bowie dedicates hours into preparing to deliver a speech in hopes of receiving achievements for the school.

“In Congress, my prep takes about one month,” said state qualifier, Brianna Rodriguez. “Regardless of the preparation, the outcome is always great.”

Bowie performed exceptionally well at the tournament, placing first in team sweepstakes and had four competitors qualified for state.

“Bowie got first place sweepstakes,” Rodriguez said. “Our interpreters do an amazing job, which earns our team a lot of points, getting us first.”

As described Rodriguez, qualifying for state is an indescribable feeling which comes with lots of stress relief.

“Qualifying for extemp made me feel ecstatic,” said Rodriguez. “I’m really excited I qualified so fast because it means I can focus on my academics rather than stressing about the debate.”

The debate team’s ability to display their knowledge at the tournament helped the Bowie team win first place, in addition, Bowie debate works to ensure that every student is confident in knowing that they will win at the tournament.

“We pride ourselves on making sure that every novice goes into each round knowing that they’re going to win,” said Rodriguez.