Jury Service Film Challenge

Shikha Patel, Dispatch Online Reporter

The Jury Service Film Challenge is a collaboration of the District clerk and members of the Count Judiciary. The challenge gives teenage students and participants an opportunity to help understand and honor the community’s juror, students create a 2 to 4 minute about Jury service to apply. The top three finalists’ video will appear on the Travis County jurors official website. The winners of the challenge will be invited to be deputized as bailiffs and work as Deputy Bailiffs in the Travis County court during a jury trial. The video entries will be judged by leading advertising and media minds in the county. It’s not too late to apply Bulldogs, deadlines end on October 31, 2018. Here is what you got to do:



  • Upload your video to google drive, then share and email a link to your file. ([email protected])
  • OR Upload a video to YouTube then email a link to the video.
  • OR Send by CDROM via US Mail to the Film Challenge, Country Court #6, PO Box 1748, Austin, Texas 78736


  • Minimum of 2 minutes and a maximum of 4 minutes
  • Film’s focus is on jury service

Evaluation Criteria

  • Is informed by accurate information about Jury Service and/or its history 25%
  • Uses good techniques for picture and sound 25%
  • Includes a strong and compelling story/demonstrates creativity 25%
  • Uses well written and effective narration or speaking parts 20%
  • Contains credits naming all participants and sources used in the research and production phase 5%


Please note that if you are under 18, you need a written parent or guardian permission.