Homecoming is right around the corner


Shikha Patel

Homecoming is approaching on October 20th, get ready Bulldogs!

Shikha Patel, Dispatch Online Reporter

Bowie students get dressed and get ready to have the best night of their life as they head to the 2018 Bowie Homecoming on Saturday, October 20th.


For Bowie’s homecoming this year, PTSA and student council will make it a fun night by providing a Bowie DJ, food truck, cafe, and outdoor movies. Sophomore Tricity Esparza is looking forward to homecoming night.


“It is amazing to see the contribution Bowie is putting in the event, I love to see them come together and make a fun night for us,”  Esparza said


Sophomore Grace Pollock is looking forward to Homecoming night and is excited to dance and have fun with her friends.


“I am so excited, it is going to be fun to hang around with friends and eat at a dance with good music,” Pollock said.


Esparza describes the excitement from last year and what she really liked about last year. It is a great opportunity for friends at school to come together without worrying about school.


“Last year was fun, the DJ played good songs and overall it was a great time, I had my friends with me, which is always the best,” Esparza said.


Bowie organizes activities like movies and food, such as food trucks and cafe, making the homecoming experience more exciting for students.


“I like that we don’t have to worry about food or being bored because Bowie provides us with everything,” Esparza said. “It is a safe environment and just a blast, the songs, the food, the friends, just all of it.”