Elijah Higgins receives a jersey of opportunities


Shikha Patel

Bowie football wide receiver, Elijah Higgins gets emotional as he gives his speech after he has received his Under Armour All-American Game jersey.

Shikha Patel, Dispatch Online Reporter

Elijah Higgins, a Bowie football Varsity wide receiver, received his jersey to the 2019 Under Armour All-American Game after performing at the regional camp. Higgins is ranked the 22nd player in Texas and 150th player overall in the country.


Higgins has been accepted into many colleges and recently has announced his top seven, featuring Texas, Florida, Ohio State, Arkansas, Stanford, Ole Miss, and Auburn.  Higgins hasn’t decided on which college yet but has no rush.


“This is once in a lifetime, so you might as well enjoy it and make sure you’re making the right decision for yourself and your family.” Higgins said according to Burnt Orange Nation.


Tyler Branyon, a football coach at Bowie, shares the high hopes other coaches have for Higgins. Higgins will have a bright future, Bowie is just the start for him.


“ In my opinion, Elijah is a young man with a very bright future.  He is still deciding between a few elite schools to further his education and playing career,“ Branyon said.


On Friday, October 12, Higgins received his Under Armour jersey, meaning that he is selected to play in the 2-19 Under Armour All- American Game. The top 100 players in the nation who have been selected will compete in Orlando, Florida for the game.


“Elijah had the honor of being selected as an Under Armour All-American football player. Only a select few receive this honor and he will be playing in an all-star game in January,” Branyon said.


Being selected as an Under Armour All-American footballer is not easy, but for Elijah Higgins, his hard work ethic has proved why he is succeeding.


“Elijah has been blessed with a lot of talent and he works hard. I am certain that he will be successful in the future,” Branyon said.