Bowie’s Speech and Debate students come out on top once again


Amy Shreeve

Senior Amy Shreeve, pictured far right by junior Ashlyn Dahl (center), and senior Brianna Rodriguez (far left) was one of the many students who competed at the Speech and Debate tournament this weekend at Anderson High School. James Bowie High School performed exponentially well in the tournament, JBHS had multiple students win individual awards, become congressional debate finalists, and had two new state qualifiers, one being Amy Shreeve.

Shruti Patel, Dispatch Online Reporter

Silence falls as JBHS Speech and Debate students compete in the tournament at Anderson High School. One student, senior, Amy Shreeve, delivers her speech in hopes of qualifying for state.

That debate tournament took place this weekend, Amy Shreeve competed and qualified for state, but hours of competing left debate students tired.

“It was really stressful, but it was really fun to compete for 13 hours,” Shreeve said. “It’s kind of hard because it is really tiring, but the whole debate team suffered together.”

The JBHS Speech and Debate team have performed exponentially well, being a debate student at James Bowie High School allows there to be a community within the school, and for Shreeve the debate tournaments allow her to help her fellow debate members ultimately helping the school prevail at the tournament.  

“My favorite part is helping the team prepare for the tournament,” Shreeve said. “I disregard myself for other people.”


Five new state qualifiers:

  • Luke Evans and Kaedon Solana in Duo Interpretation
  • Luke Evans and Morgan Sanders in Duet Acting
  • Amy Shreeve in Congressional Debate
  • Amy Shreeve in International Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Connor Snow and Maria San Estaban in Duet Acting


Individual Awards included:

  • 1st place in Duet Acting Maya Armand and Kaia Pierce
  • 1st place in Congressional Debate Amy Shreeve
  • 2nd place in Duet Acting Connor Snow and Maria San Esteban
  • 2nd place in Duo Interpretation Luke Evans and Kaedon Solana
  • 2nd place in Novice Extemporaneous Speaking Nick Van Lente
  • 2nd place in Novice Public Forum Debate Rohith Chindarlore and Katie Golson
  • 3rd place in Duet Acting Luke Evans and Morgan Sanders
  • 3rd place in Dramatic Interpretation Riley McCue
  • 3rd place in Congressional Debate Brianna Rodriguez
  • 3rd place in International Extemporaneous Speaking Amy Shreeve
  • 3rd place in Humorous Interpretation Kaedon Solana
  • 4th place in Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking Jack Madden
  • 4th place in Duet Acting Kaedon Solana and Gwen Stacy
  • 4th place in Dramatic interpretation Alyssa Shumaker
  • 5th place in Duet Acting Jaden Davis and Alyssa Shumaker
  • 5ht place in Duo Interpretation Jaden Davis and Connor Show
  • 5th place in International Extemporaneous Speaking Ashlyn Dahl
  • 5th place in Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking Brianna Rodriguez
  • 5th place in Humorous Interpretation Conor Show
  • 6th place in Duo Interpretation David Findley and Grace Monaco
  • 6th place in Duet Acting Sydney Reinhart and Fath Winkley
  • 6th place in Humorous Interpretation Camryn Gonzalez
  • 7th place in Novice Extemporaneous Speaking Muamil Haroon


Congressional Debate Finalists:

  • Ashlyn Dahl
  • Alex Paulson


CORRECTION: In a previous published version of this story, Connor Snow and Maria San Estaban’s qualification in Duet Acting was not included when this story was published. A revision has corrected this error, and the state qualifications was accurately corrected to five teams.