Tate Weston takes the trophy at Greenhill Debate Tournament


Shikha Patel

Greenhill Debate tournament competitor, Tate Weston with his Debate trophy.

Shikha Patel, Dispatch Online Reporter

On September 15, Bowie Debater Tate Weston traveled to the Greenhill Debate Tournament, a highly competitive national tournament. Tate ended the tournament in the top 16 and was recognized with the 9th speaker award.


Being in the top 16 at an extremely competitive national tournament can be difficult. However, for Tate Weston, this has become a routine.


“I have been debating since freshman year, about four years,” Weston said. “Debate is very fun and if anyone is interested, coming to the clubs is a great way to learn skills.


For four years Weston has been focused on a specific debate which he focuses on during events.


“I focus on Lincoln Douglas debate, which is a one on one event and deals with applying philosophy to the real world troubles,” Weston said.


The Greenhill Debate Tournament is an event where debate students are able to share their skills in debate with other competitors. 


“The Greenhill debate tournament is a large national tournament in Dallas, everyone who reaches optional tournament receives a bid to the terminal champions,” Weston said. “It is ranked into four tiers.”


Weston went to the Greenhill Debate Tournament and ended up performing extremely well and placing in the top sixteen and being recognized with the ninth speaker award.


“It really is just amazing to attend tournaments, and since I made it to the finals, I received the bid,” Weston said.