Ultimate Frisbee team prepares for state tournament


Shikha Patel

Art by Shikha Patel, Bowie’s Ultimate Frisbee team has won the Texas State Championship.

Sam Blas , Sports Editor

Bright lights are shining down on each of the players. Each and every one of them is preparing for one of the biggest games of their lives. The Ultimate Frisbee State Tournament. Last year, The Bowie Ultimate Team won the Texas State Championship.

Each player was ecstatic about winning the Championship. Team Captain Luke Broderick was very happy about what his team was able to accomplish.

“It felt very fulfilling. I‘ve always wanted to win something that big and I never really had the chance to do that until I joined ultimate,” Broderick said. “I was super happy with what the outcome was and I hope we get to do it again next year.”

Players aren’t the only ones proud of themselves. Club sponsor and Spanish teacher, Kelly Tagle, is particularly proud of this Ultimate Team.

“It was awesome. I can’t take any credit for what they were able to do, but I shared their joy. It’s just flat out awesome,” Tagle said. “I’m so proud of them. There’s nothing like winning state.”

During the State Tournament, Bowie had played against Marcus High School, who many of the Bowie Ultimate team consider as rivals. Fellow team captain Caroline Myers explains the rivalry between the two schools.

“Last year we were knocked out by our rivals, Marcus from Dallas, by one point. Then, this year we were able to beat them this year,” Myers said. “A lot of the kids knew each other on the other team because the ultimate community is very tight. So people from Bowie played against people they knew and it was fun to compete against each other.”

The reigning state champions have a lot to look forward to. They have high expectations coming into this season and they hope to capitalize on last years glory. Myers looks to the future with both caution and excitement.

“Many of our players were seniors last year, so we lost a lot of players for this year,” Myers said. “We need to get more and more people interested in ultimate that have never played before. I am very excited for the next season, but we still need to improve.”

We can only anticipate the future, but that future is looking bright for the Bowie Ultimate team. All they can do is improve from here, and they plan on doing that. When the team held an informational meeting for new players, around fifty people had shown up.

“I just think that there’s a lot of interest and we need to capitalize on that interest and use it to improve our team,” Tagle said. “That makes me so excited for this season because we’re going to have so many new people join.”