Sophomore skates his way to class


Amelie Hayne

Pictured above is sophomore Kyle Thomas.

Abbey Repka, Dispatch Photographer

Poor air conditioning, annoying people, traffic, and long lines. These are just a few of the phrases to describe trying to get to Bowie, but one sophomore, Kyle Thomas, found a way around this.

Thomas has been roller skating for most of his life and says he has started to prefer roller skating over other ways of travel. He has been roller skating since he was about six years old. He says he just prefers roller skating because of the freedom of expression it gives him.

“I like roller skating because it gives me freedom and time to just focus on myself and to block out everyone else,” Thomas said.

School can be stressful and overwhelming at times for any student, especially those who are more on the introverted side

“My favorite part of roller skating is just being by myself and blocking out everything else,” Thomas said.

Thomas has been roller skating for about eight years now and prefers to roller skate, not only to and back from Bowie, but also in his free time.

“Currently my wheels need to be replaced, but if I did have them replaced I’d probably skate like five times a week, just wherever I want,” said Thomas.

Even though Thomas doesn’t like the attention roller skating gets him, he still decides to roller skate to and from school every day.

“I really just do it for fun, I don’t really like the attention,” said Thomas.