AISD Preliminary Ratings rising

Shruti Patel, Online Reporter

Austin ISD has earned a recognized rating in the Texas Education Agency preliminary ratings. Austin ISD has earned an 89, an overall B performance.

This year, districts received a scaled score and letter grade for overall performance in many categories. These categories include Student Achievement,

School Progress, Academic Growth, Relative Performance, and Closing the Gaps.

AISD has performed well in the Texas Education Agency preliminary ratings, they have received a score ranging from 87-90 in all the categories. AISD also received an ‘A’ and an exemplary rating in the Relative Performance category. These ratings are believed to show that AISD is not just passing, but is on the path to reinventing the urban school experience.  

The ratings are a result of the amazing students and staff and their hard work. In an official document sent out to inform AISD staff of these achievements, they explained that they are aware that their students are much more than a number and AISD values the multiple successes of the AISD community.

Some of the many achievements of AISD include the recognition of being the largest no place for hate district, having an above average graduation rate, receiving ACT/SAT scores above the peers of the nation and state, and being recognized as the Best Community for Musical Education by the National Association for Musical Foundation.

In the informative document sent out to staff, AISD superintendent Paul Cruz explained that he is very proud of the teachers, principals, district staff, and campus for their hard work to support their students and families, ultimately resulting in AISD to be recognized with an outstanding preliminary rating.