Helping Hands helping teachers

Shruti Patel, Dispatch Online Reporter

Sorting papers, making copies, organizing calculators, hole punching papers, and labeling supplies are only a portion of the work that teachers have to do daily, thanks to Helping Hands there’s a way for teachers to find assistance when needed.

As described by Co-Vice President Emily Leeke, Helping Hands gives National Honor Society (NHS) members the opportunity to help teachers around the campus.

“Helping Hands is a committee within Bowie NHS,” Leeke said. “In this committee students help teachers complete a variety of tasks and jobs throughout the year.”

Helping Hands is impactful to the Bowie campus because it allows teachers to focus on other things rather than devoting a majority of their time getting materials ready for their classes.

“Helping Hands positively benefits the Bowie environment, because it not only gives teacher more time to do other things, but it also helps bond teachers and students,” Leeke said.

Helping Hands is also a beneficial committee for members of the National Honor Society by allowing them to meet their needs as a member.

“This affects Bowie NHS students by providing them with some of the six direct Bowie NHS community service hours they need to complete by the end of the year,” Leeke said. “It also allows them to help their favorite teachers by making copies, painting classrooms, organizing papers, or whatever that teacher needs help with.”

This committee is an amazing opportunity for teachers to rely on students to help them and for students to aid their teachers where needed.

“Teachers trust that these NHS members are going to help them out to the best of their ability, and students love helping their teachers,” Leeke said.