King and Queen of Springs 2018

Shikha Patel, Dispatch Online Reporter

Splash! The water ripples as Santi Montesinos and Caroline Myers dive into the frigid Deep Eddy Pool to begin their annual competition, King and Queen of Springs.

Peyton Bobo, the new coach of the swim team, described the environment on the day of the King and Queen of Springs, and what really went down.

“They’ve been doing this for years at Bowie,”  Bobo said. “We all met at Deep Eddy pool at six in the morning; the kids got glowsticks and the parents were there, it was a great time.

Stellar athlete Santi Montesinos has put a lot of effort into swimming and he works extremely hard outside and inside the pool.

“I spend fourteen hours a week in practice,” Montesinos said. “I spend most of the time I’m not swimming studying and doing my homework.”

The King and Queen of Springs competition is a good way for the swim team to kick off their swimming season and is a creative way for students to understand what this year holds.

“They put their caps and goggles on and jumped into Barton Springs, which was sixty-eight degrees, and swam down and back,” Bobo said. “It was a great kick off to the season.”

The competition was the first of the new swimming season. Caroline Myers and Santi Montesinos, as well as the rest of the team, worked hard at the competition.

“From what I can tell, they are both great kids, and worked really hard on that day,” Bobo said.