Bulldogs and Hotdogs going strong

Shikha Patel, Dispatch Online Reporter

On Saturday, September eighth, Bowie held their annual Bulldogs and Hotdogs event where students, parents, and teachers came together to raise money for school clubs and classes.

Sophomore Abby Blas attended Bulldogs and Hotdogs last weekend. Blas shared the activities she partook in, some including booths and programs.

“It was cool to walk around, look at the booths, and support fellow bulldogs and programs,” Blas said. “I attended the pep rally, which was so fun. It was great how students were able to participate in the activities during the pep rally as well.”

The event was a creative way to incorporate school into all the activities. Not only did Blas have a great time she loved the supportive people there.

“It was a really good environment and all the people were there to have a good time and support the school,” Blas said. “I really liked all the things going around.”

Bulldogs and Hotdogs was open to anybody, and students who will be attending Bowie in the future got a feel for the high school atmosphere.

“They had a lot of activities to get people involved, especially for upcoming Bulldogs, who got a feel for how fun really high school is,” Blas said.