Back to School Night deemed a success

Shikha Patel, Dispatch Online Report

On Wednesday, September 5, 2018, James Bowie High School held their annual Back to School Night. During this period, parents went from class to class meeting their children’s teachers and understanding the courses that their kids have signed up for.

Parents have two hours to attend all eight of their kid’s classes and teachers have seven minutes to explain their course and what requirements students need to meet by the end of the year as well as the necessary school supplies that are required. Many of the school supplies can also be bought at the Barnes & Noble booth in the library.

Sophomore Annalisa Gonzales attended Back to School Night with her parents and believes it is an important event to attend.

“It is important for parents to see how stressful school can get going from class to class and seeing at least some perspective of our teachers,” Gonzales said.

Sophomore Laurel Schultz described the pros and cons of back to school night.

“Some good factors of back to school night are that the parents can experience their kid’s day at school, and how the environment is at school,” Schultz said. “But they cannot fully understand what the students’ life is like, how lunch works, where to go; they kind of just see the teachers.”

Bowie is a large school, it can get confusing at times to find the right classroom.

“It was funny because my parents were asking us where to go, and many parents were very confused,” Gonzales said. “It’s really hectic and unorganized because there is such little time to comprehend everything, but in a way, it is good to get a feel for what school is like and understand the courses we are taking.”

This year’s Back to School Night was a success for both parents and teachers.

“It’s nice to see parents understand our school day, the courses we’re taking, and get a better feel for our life at school,” Schultz said.