Baseball beats expectations

Caitlyn Worthington, News Editor

A full crowd swarms around the gated diamond with full anticipation. The field falls silent just moments before the leather ball shoots straight down the line. Milliseconds later the bat hits the ball and it soars across the turf field. Chaos breaks out as multiple players scramble to catch the ball, but it’s too late. The white ball with red stitching whizzes past the outfield, over the gates, and disappears into the distance. The crowd erupts, ‘-’ flashes across the score board, and Bowie takes the lead. 

The 2017-2018 Bowie baseball season was a true success: the team pulled out seven district wins despite being seeded last at the beginning of the season. The team even advanced to playoffs.

“This year the team really came out strong even though what was initially predicted wasn’t that great,” junior Virgil Anchondo said. “I think we definitely surprised a lot of people.” 

The team practiced Monday through Saturday during the season, as well as a couple times a week during off season to ensure they were in the best shape possible.

“During off-season we lifted a couple days a week and then scrimmaged each other the rest of the week,” head baseball coach Sam Degelia said. “This has seemed to work out well so far.” 

Although maintaining physique and endurance is an important aspect in being a successful group, team chemistry is just as important as anything else when it comes to finding success in the game.

“We have team dinners often to bond and get a little break from baseball,” Anchondo said. “It helps make us a stronger group both on and off the field.”

Once districts came to an end the team went off to compete in playoffs after winning their qualifying game against Anderson, a major rival this year. 

“We were able to win out at district, tying with Anderson, which later allowed us to play in those playoff game,” senior Andrew Noack said. “The games against Anderson were really important, and we just happened to stick it out.”

As for next year the team will continue to work hard in preparation for the next season. 

“You can never prepare enough, you can always do more,” Anchondo said. “We will continue to work hard and play hard so that we are better than ever for next season.”