Sumin’s Stance: Predictions for 2018 world cup in Russia

Sumin Kim, Columnist

In a few months, the world class players will gather in Russia for 2018 world cup. And many different people are giving their thoughts on the possible winner of the tournament.

Many will say it’s France because of their fantastic shift of the generations. Some might say it’s Germany who won the Confederations Cup with their youthful  squad. But besides those countries, I think England is a possible winner.

Many people don’t see England as the possible winner because of their poor performance compared to their perceived expectations in the past competitions. I agree with the point, but I think this time it’s going to be different.

The first reason is because of English manager, Gareth Southgate. He is not as stubborn as previous English managers, and he has been showing his work as the leader of a young team.

Second, goalkeepers. This year there is plenty of goalies who are showing excellent form to cover Joe Hart’s downfall. The players include Jordan Pickford who is showing great form in Everton, Jack Butland who is also a rising star in England, and Nick Pope who is leading the Burnley’s performance in Premier League with ten clean sheets.

Third, defenders. Defender position is probably most weak part of the team compared to other front runners as a name value wise. Fourth, mid-fielders. Midfielder position are full of talent. Jesse Lingard who is showing his full potential in Manchester United. Dele Alli who is one of the top class midfielder in Premier League.

Lastly, forwards. There is Marcus Rashford, showing  full potential and world class striker Harry Kane.

In the past England let down people’s faith when it came down to major competition. Many hope  that is about to be change.