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Audiences are sure to Love, Simon

Shelby Papst, Reviews Editor

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Do you ever feel like you are on a Ferris Wheel? Sometimes you are at the top of the world and then before you know it you are at the bottom?

In ‘Love, Simon,’ Simon Spier (Nick Robinson) feels like he’s on a Ferris Wheel as he hides the fact he’s gay while trying to live a normal life.

The movie was released on Mar. 16 and was directed by Greg Berlanti.

The film was based off the book ‘Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda’ by Becky Albertalli.

Simon is a 17-year-old teen struggling to come out with the pressures of high school. Then one day Simon sees an anonymous email from a boy at his school saying he’s gay.

Simon instantly befriends the anonymous boy known as Blue and falls in love,  while going by the name Jacques.

I love how through the whole movie, the viewer is teased of all the potential people Blue could be, only to be blown away by his reveal at the end.

It wasn’t predictable like most movies are and I think ‘Love, Simon’ portrayed the mystery very well.

Lots of teens struggle with identifying their sexuality and coming out.

My favorite part about the movie was the accuracy of the emotions gay people have about opening up or staying in the closet.

The viewer really feels for Simon whether you can relate or not.

One of the things I enjoyed most about the movie was the humor. The overall plot was  angsty and serious, but there was a lot of teen humor littered throughout.

The best moment was when Simon’s friend Nick (Jorge Lendeborg Jr.) asked Simon about their friend Abby (Alexandra Shipp) and Simon started rambling, “She’s not my type. Not because she’s black! I love black women. I mean, I don’t have a thing for black women. I just like women you know,” resulting in a lot of confusion from everyone else.

Simon was a very lovable character. He cared deeply about his family and worried how they would see him if he came out, despite his parents and sister being accepting.

You could really see the pain on Simon’s face when he told his mother Emily (Jennifer Garner) not to see him differently and that he was still the Simon they knew.

Despite how much I loved Simon, I could not empathize with many of the other characters.

I found Abby and Simon’s best friend Leah (Katherine Langford) static and bland.

They were intended to be well-liked and to me they were pretty underdeveloped, especially Leah. I could not feel strong chemistry between her and Simon.

Leah wasn’t a dis-likable character, but the movie intended people to sympathize with her, which I honestly could not find myself doing. She seemed to be there only for the sake of plot.

One character I could not stand and I believe did not get the justice he deserved was Martin (Logan Miller).

From the first point you meet him Martin was annoying and he only got worse as the movie went on. He did horrible things such as blackmailing Simon and threatening to out him to the whole school.

At the end of the movie I was really hoping Simon would knock him out and the fact Martin got away more or less unscathed really annoyed me.

The ending more than made up for annoyances like Martin, but all the same was a little anticlimactic.

I really enjoyed the ending, however after falling in love with Simon I wanted him to finish off the story with an extravagant romantic bang.

As a character, I believed Simon deserved the best ending possible after all he had to go through.

I’ve never read the book ‘Love, Simon’ was based on, but I can say the plot was more engaging than I expected.

I went into the movie with high expectations and left feeling fulfilled at the way most of the characters progressed.

If you are looking for a story about a soft kid looking to establish himself in the “normal” world, ‘Love, Simon’ was an enjoyable experience I’m glad I got to see.

I wouldn’t say it’s the best gay film I’ve ever seen, but I would recommend it and watch it again. Trust me when I say you’ll Love, Simon.

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Audiences are sure to Love, Simon