Fortnite Battle Royale takes over gaming community

Michael Sugrue, Online Writer

Fortnite, the most streamed game on twitch right now. The game that broke the internet with rapper drake and twitch streamer Ninja playing the game together. If I were to explain fortnite to someone in a sentence I would probably describe it as a modern day hunger games. Players start in a “battle bus” the flies over the map containing certain cities and destinations that players can skydive to. From there they can collect loot and other resources like building materials or shields. Players are forced to confront their opponents by a storm shrinking the size of the map. If players are caught in the storm, then they will slowly take damage.

The game was recently released on the mobile platform for an invite event where players that play on other platforms can request an invite from Epic Games inc. and play the game on their phones. The game is truly unique compared to other battle royale style games with its option to build and get creative with attack strategies and forts for cover. It also has a very destructible map that gives players the option to tear down entire cities and get resources. The constant updates from Epic games give players opportunities to customize their outfits and loadouts. I wouldn’t be surprised if the game became a professional Esport in the near future. The game contains players from all ages and even some celebrities such as Drake, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Travis Scott and more getting in on the new trend.

The game truly is addicting, rage inducing, competitive, and fun. Friends compare skill to the amount of wins they have. I like the different base game modes they have (solo, duo, and squads)but, also the limited time modes that are released such as solid gold, 50 vs 50 teams, and sniper shootout. These limited time games bring so much options and make the game really refreshing with a new game mode every couple weeks.

Overall I think Fortnite will be around for a long time and it brings a new concept and a lot of fun to gaming. On a scale of 10 I give Fortnite Battle Royale a 8.7.