Black Panther Album contains some of the best music of 2018 so far

Michael Sugrue, Online Staff Writer

On February ninth Kendrick Lamar and other various artist released the soundtrack for the Marvel Black Panther Movie that released today. Lamar took the lead on the album and wanted to tie it to the movie which is set in the fictional African country of Wakanda,but also have a California vibe by adding artists like Travis Scott, Vince Staples, SOB X RBE, and more. I personally love the album and how Kendrick approached it.


Song 1: Black Panther

Kendrick Solo. Describes the struggle the main Character experiences after being named king of Wakanda following his father’s death. This is obvious when at the end of the song Kendrick states “I and T’Challa”, the name of the main Character.


Song 2: All the stars

Kendrick and SZA talk about one of kendricks most common topics, the uneasy feeling of love and how fame affects man. “ I hate people that feel entitled” “You can bring a bullet, bring a sword, bring a morgue, but you can’t bring the truth to me Fu**k you and all your expectations I don’t even want your congratulations I recognize your false confidence And calculated promises all in your conversation,” Kendrick raps.


Song 3: X

By Kendrick, ScHoolBoy Q, 2 Chainz & Saudi. This song goes with the movie by relating to the main characters struggle to take the throne after his eligibility is challenged. This is shown through the phrase “Are you on ten yet?” meaning are you ready. The phrase being repeated probably relates to the tittle X which as a Roman Numeral means 10.


Song 4: The Ways

This song doesn’t have Lamar in it which explains why it really doesn’t relate to the movies main plot rather, just Kalhid and Swae Lee describing the need for a “power girl”. I really like the songs that relate to the movie nut, this song still has a good beat and two good artists.


Song 5: Opps

This song displays more California themed topics as “Opps” is slang for cops or a rival gang. However, the song does feature an African rapper Yugen Blakrok. This song features an African rapper but still doesn’t relate to the theme which is why it is not one of my favorites on the album.


Song 6: I am

Jorja Smith

Topics cover all struggles the Black Panther goes through with a soft beat and a good sound. Overall I like it.


Song 7: Paramedic!

My personal Favorite

Mainly California themes because of California rappers but SOB X RBE take the beat and their talents to make the song my favorite on the album despite it not relating to the album.


Song 8: Bloody Waters

This song’s first verse features Ab Soul giving directions to the main character with the speed as a metaphor to the speed the main character needed to adapt to the life of a king. The second verse is a more California styled verse featuring western rap themes.


Song 9: Kings Dead

Very western theme as the artists brag about spending money on luxury items and hanging out with the purest. The third top song on the album is currently number 38 on the billboard hot 100.


Song 10: Redemption Interlude and base song

Club Style song featuring African singer Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha has beat I am not used to but gladly listen to over and over.


Song 11:Seasons

Sjava is an African singer who collabs with American Rapper Mozzy on a African style chorus and California Style rap. I like the tone Mozzy uses to approach some of the topics he covers on this track


Song 12: Big SHot

Big Shot is all about Lamar and Travis Scott calling out the fake famous people with a very california beat behind them, it combines to be one of my top 5 on the album.


Song 13: Pray for me

Kendrick and the Weekend Collab on this track that is all about being the hero and all the stress put behind it which goes directly with the movie as the main character is put under so much stress while handling ruling a country and saving the world.