Chanel Dobrezenski wins coach of the year

Michael Sugrue, Online Staff Writer

Bowie’s 2017-2018 Coach of the Year is photography teacher/Swim and Dive coach Chanel Dobrzenski. Bowie is in one of the most competitive districts and regions in Texas, but that doesn’t stop coach Dobrzenski from leading the team to successful seasons. She has been a swim coach for five years, but this year was handed a new challenge to tackle.

“I had prior experience with swimming, but not with diving, “Dobrzenski said. “When you’re a swim coach, you’re also a dive coach, even if you have no experience diving.”

Every leader is different, and that is why many believe Dobrezenski won, due to her own compassionate teaching style.

“I try to do the best for my swimmers in and out of the water, and help all the new coaches as best I can,” Dobrzenski said.

Along with her compassionate teaching style, she believes that bonds create a strong team.

“To be a good coach, I think, you need to get to know your kids and develop that relationship with them. That will also lead to the respect they give you,” Dobrzenski said.

Swim requires time and dedication among other things. With tryouts for next years swim team coming up, Coach of The Year, gives her advice on tryouts. 

“Try your best, swim isn’t a light sport, it’s a hard sport,” Dobrzenski said. “You need the heart to succeed on this team.”

Not all students originally come from a water based sport when they tryout. Such sports as gymnastics and cheer make for the best divers.

”I get most of my best divers from the sports that have some of the same mechanics as diving, and also like the water,” Dobrzenski said.

Being a coach of the swim team, Dobrezenski always is planning for her future, both for herself and her students. Dobrezenski had a plan five years ago, and will still apply it as a goal for the future. 

“Coming onto the squad five years ago, I really wanted to have a relationship with my swimmers, and to grow the team.” Dobrzenski said. “Since then I have taught the kids to foster the knowledge and skills in swimming in a nurturing environment.”