JV boys are on a roll

Michael Sugrue, Online Writer

The Bowie Boys JV Basketball team is currently towards the middle of their season which has been going well since they began their district games, they have only lost one of their last six games.

An important part of a team sport is of course, the teamwork. It is important for a team to bond and work well together, in order to be successful on the court. Sophomore Tyler Deithloff weighs in on his perspective of the teams current results.

“The [winning] streak can continue as long as we are playing together as a team,” Deithloff said. “We have been able to score on offense and lock up the other teams on defense.”

There are five teams in Bowie’s district, that our team plays against. The Bowie teams have beaten all five teams, those teams being; Del Valle, San Marcos, Manor, Akins, and Anderson.

Although the team doesn’t feel that their skill is the only thing the that is contributing to their record. Deithloff says the games outcomes may be coming from the relationships between the players.

“We get along for the most part but, there are a few times that players will get mad at each other and I think that does contribute to our record,” Deithloff said. “When we get a long we play better.”

The basketball team has a tradition that boosts confidence, and possibly affects how well they work together.

“We really don’t have any pre game rituals,” Deithloff said. “But we do listen to music before games to get each other hyped and helps forget about how nervous we all are.”

The team hopes to continue this streak as they take on the rest of the season. The season picks up again playing against San Marcos on Tuesday, February 6th at Bowie, and hope to see the Bowie communities support.