App of the Week: Color Switch


Photo by: Michael Sugrue

10th grader Carter Young uses his free time in Mr. Dennis's class to play Color Switch.

Michael Sugrue, Online Writer

Apps are constantly used, but do you have a favorite app? One always finds ones self using one app more than the other and don’t even realize it. If you need a suggestion, this is the place for you. I use my apps all the time like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and so many others- but the problem is they all need wifi. When I am out and need something to mindlessly play without wifi, I go straight to the game Color. The app includes levels that you beat and are rewarded with new features. You tap on the screen to get through the same colored areas. They game takes no effort, but you can use it to play in public and look like you are doing something important on your phone. There are tons of different levels that you can play and different game modes you can choose between and beat. The app has great reviews from hundreds of people. “If you’re looking for a fun and trendy game, Color Switch is it. This game is addicting and an incredibly fun. I couldn’t say it enough about it. It can be hard starting, but take your time learning the game and soon you will start mastering every curve ball,” said ‘Wise Train’ in a review on Apple Apps. This game is fun and you will not regret getting it.