The bond results

Madison Austin, Feature Editor

On Nov. 7 the AISD Bond was passed. The bond is worth $1,050,984,000. This money will be divided across the district based on a strategic plan already outlined previously. Bowie will receive just over $91 million dollars to improve the campus which is something that has most student excited. Many students hope that these changes happen quickly.

“I hope to see changes sooner rather than later,  because of the traffic and amount of students. Our school population is already large and may become larger,” sophomore Camryn Young said.

One worry that students have is that when construction begins, the carpool traffic will get worse after school.

“Construction could certainly be an issue with release of school causing more back up on Slaughter,” junior Austin Buttlar said.

The bond money will be bringing lots of changes to the campus in order to improve the learning and physical environment.

“With the bond money I hope that there will be changes made to the air conditioning and hopefully some changes made to the bathrooms around campus, I’m looking forward to seeing what the new fine arts addition will look like,” Young said.

An improvement that is widely popular with students and staff is the air conditioning and heating being fixed.

“I know that they have a lot of money for the improvements but I just think that we need better central heating and air, for instant right now I have very awesome working air conditioning but whenever I came into the classroom this morning and  it was 58. It is things like that, that need to be fixed with this bond money,” science teacher Ashley Spiro said.

The changes being made to the campus with  the bond will increase the amount of students that campus will be able to handle. This is something students are greatly looking forward to.

“I hope it will be used to find a viable solution to the excess amount of students coming to our school because the amount of students in classes is insane, we have had to bring in chairs from other teachers in some of classes,” Buttlar said.

Students are excited to see the changes that will be made in the coming years.

“I am really looking forward to the changes in parking. I hope that improvements will improve the way that students learn,” Young said.