Ray is an All-American nominee


Ashley Ramirez

Senior Kianna Ray guards number 35 closely as she tries to make the shot. Ray is quick to block the ball from going in. The lady dawgs were up against the Hays Rebels, losing by 12 points for the second time with a score of 54-44.

Isabel Rosales, Athletic Editor

Surrounded by teammates eating dinner, laughing and playing games senior Kianna Ray is temporarily able to forget about the pressure of the upcoming game.

The game is finally here and the four-year starting varsity player has a million eyes on her. On Jan. 6 Ray was named one of the Ronald McDonalds All American Athlete.

“It was really cool and a great honor to be among the names of so many girls basketball players in my grade,” Ray said.

As she is scouted out by thousands of coaches, watched by classmates, and criticized by coaches Ray does not lose sight of who she is and her overall goal.

“If I could describe Kianna in one word it would be genuine,” former bowie basketball player Alyssa Kuykendall said. “No matter how much pressure is put on her, she remains humble and kind. She will do whatever it takes to accomplish her ambitions and goals, all the while staying true to herself.”

Throughout the years of Ray’s basketball career she has accomplished making elite teams and was close to being a USA basketball player.

“My greatest accomplishments have been going to the final selection of USA tryouts and 1st team All Centex,” Ray said.

Ray was one of the few girls who was nominated for All American Athlete.

“She deserves that spot, she is a dominant player on the court and is very versatile,” Foradory said. “Not only does she take care of business in basketball, but she’s just as dedicated in school.”

As Ray prepares to leave high school she continues to put everything out on the court leading the team as captain.

“She knows how much we look up to her and she is a great role model as a our captain,” Foradory said.

Having played for close to 14 years now Ray had been put in the spotlight plenty of times.

“She’s a great team player,” Foradory said. “She knows she’s good but she doesn’t take advantage of it,” Foradory said.

Ray didn’t just magically become the player she is today without hard work and dedication to the game.

“Kianna is a great player for a lot of reasons,” Kuykendall said. “She has major talent, and she puts so much time and effort into cultivating that talent to reach its highest potential. She knows what she needs to go in order to get her job done.”

Much like Ray, the other girl’s love for the game of basketball drives them to continue their career as an athlete.

“I enjoy playing and competing in the sport I love,” Foradory said. “I want to continue into college and I’m working towards that goals with every game and practice.”

One thing Ray loves about basketball is the team aspect.

“I love the fact that it’s a team sport but when I go out on to the court my favorite part is blocking people,” Ray said.

As the season progresses the team has faced challenges they didn’t expect but have also had huge victories.

“Although we have lost to Hays, our biggest competitor has been Westlake,” Foradory said. “We scouted them and we successfully executed on offense and defense and we were able to beat them three times in a row this season.”