Wrestling starts seasons slowly

Nya Martin and Isabel Rosales

Bowie wrestling has kicked off with a bang this year as their season begins specifically for the girls. As for the boys, minor circumstances have held them back from being as successful as they can.

“We’ve had some injuries that were unexpected that have kept us from being able to compete at the highest level possible, but the kids that are still healthy are working their butts off to make themselves better” head coach Glen Hipp said.

In a normal week, the wrestling team practices five times for two to three hours and do full body lifts with Hipp every other day.

“Sometimes when the dancers are using the wrestling room, we have to run before we even go to practice.” senior Riley Gatley said.

Their commitment and dedication during practices has made them flourish in their recent competitions.

“Our girls went to Akins recently and only lost two matches out of about eight or nine” Gatley said.

The blood, sweat, and tears of the wrestlers aren’t the only factors that contribute to their prosperity on the matt.

“The long hours the coaches put in inside and outside of school to provide their team with the best equipment, skills, and heart to do the best they can should be credited” wrestler Evan Burt said.

Just as with every other sport, Wrestling is a good way to meet new people and socialize with different people.

“I’ve made so many friends through wrestling,” Gatley said.

The impact wrestling has had on Gatley has been a significant part of her three years at Bowie and now her final year as a senior.

“The team is like a big family. Wrestling has made me work the hardest I have ever worked, and put me in the best shape i’ve ever been in,” Gatley said.

One of Riley’s good friends and teammates’, Andrew Willi also considers the wrestling team as sort of a second family. He also has a strong love for his personal growth, along with his teams’.

“Wrestling is a selfish sport, but you want to help everyone around you get better, it’s not all about yourself, even though you’re the one trying to win,” Willi said.