College bound turns into D1 bound

Isabel Rosales, Athletics Editor

Every kids dream at one point or the other is to play pro ball and these four seniors are just a step closer to making that dream reality by playing basketball, softball and baseball in college.

One Nov. 12 seniors Kianna Ray, Amber Lotz, and Hailey Walker signed to play their respective sports in college. Ray committed to Texas Christian University to play basketball, Lotz committed to Houston Baptist University to play softball, Walker committed to Alabama State University to play softball. They all committed to D1 schools to continue playing ball.

Ray has been playing basketball since she was four years old, she is a four-year varsity member and is has been the captain for the past three years.

“I’ve been playing all my life now and to know it has paid off feels great,” Ray said.

Going to a new school, in new state means not knowing anything but for Walker that is not a problem.

“When thinking about going to college and having to start over may be scary for most other people but I’m super excited to meet a my new teammates and be part of a family,” Walker said.

For Lotz when choosing where to attend college it depended on the scholarships.

“I chose Houston Baptist because they offered me a softball scholarship,” Lotz said.

Houston Baptist is a private school and tuition rates for private school are two-to-three times more expensive than public schools.

“Getting a scholarship is awesome and it’s a beautiful private school that will also give me a great education,” Lotz said.

Staying close to home was very important to both Ray and Lotz.  

“Houston Baptist isn’t too far from home so that is another reason I chose it,” Lotz said.

For Ray and Lotz the average drive time consists of three hours.

“The location is close enough to home but also far enough to get the college experience,” Ray said.

However for Walker getting out of Texas was on her checklist.

“I’ve always wanted to get out of Texas for college and I think Alabama will be good for me,” Walker said.

The atmosphere of Texas Christian University made Ray fall in love with the school.

“The coaching staff, current players and incoming players are amazing and made me feel very welcome and the campus is beautiful, and academically it’s a great school,” Ray said.

For Lotz playing softball in college will come to her as second nature.

”I’ve been playing softball since I was about five,” Lotz said.

After years of playing softball the love for the game remains.

“I don’t have a favorite part about the sport, I just love how it’s a team sport and I’ve practically played it my whole life.”