Basketball team fosters talent


Isabel Rosales

Kianna Ray gets into position for her final free throw of the game. This game was tough but Bowie ended up beating Leander.

Priscilla Diaz, Athletics Editor

Bowie is filled with many talented students, whether they participate in sports, theatre, band, orchestra or any other extra curricular. Kianna Ray is one of the talented students, she devotes most of her time to the sport she loves in order to be the best.

Ray is a senior at Bowie on varsity basketball. She has been playing the sport for thirteen years now, so it is no surprise that she is so good at what she does.

“I have been playing since I was four,” Ray said.

Ray started at such a young age that the sport was able to influence her life easily and positively, making her the strong athlete she is today.

Ray’s interest in basketball was sparked by her mother. Her mom is an important figure who inspires her to do better each day.

“My mom and I are the only ones that have played basketball in my family,” Ray said, one of the reasons she continues to play.

Not only does Ray have a basketball influence from her mom, her step sister, Gwen Johnson, also plays on varsity, a push to be better.

“I have known her since elementary school, she has always been athletic and helped me become a better athlete,” Johnson said.

Ray and Johnson push each other to do their best. They continue to motivate each other on and off the court and maintain a good relationship throughout.

“Kianna is very dedicated and determined so I know she will get far,” Johnson said.

Having a good relationship with the people around you during basketball practice and games is important, most importantly your coach.

“ I had seen Kianna play a couple times before on her summer team and I was able to see how skilled she was, she has become an asset to the team,” coach Vickie Benson said.

Ray is so talented, she was placed into varsity upon her first year at Bowie. Usually, underclassmen who make it onto varsity teams don’t get a lot of playing time, but that wasn’t the case with Ray because she starts every game.

“She is a four year starter; Kianna has been starter on varsity since she was a freshman,” Benson said.

Sometimes people are really motivated and determined to stick to what they are doing. Ray aspires to make it as far as possible in basketball and make a career out of it, if she can.

“I think that Kianna will stay in basketball. She is committed to Texas Christian University and is very motivated,” Benson said.

Each player has their record averaged at the end of the season and at the end of their career. It can be hits, runs, points, strikes, yards, and etc. depending on the sport.

“Last year Kianna averaged twenty one points but this year I definitely think that she will improve.” Benson said.

Aspire, a beverage company, has program called “athlete of the week.” Any athlete can be nominated by a coach and voting is left to anyone with access to the poll, which can be easily found through links on social media.

Last month Kianna Ray was amongst the top two, but the title was given to a cross country runner from Cedar Creek High School.

Ray is a strong, dedicated, well rounded athlete who puts forth her maximum effort into being the best she can possibly be. She waits for the whistle and welcomes her last season of high school basketball.