Students obtain summer jobs such as retail stores or camps


Charlotte Koellner

IMPECCABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE: Junior Iris Carpenter explains how to use a painting pen to a customer at Cafe Monet: Art & Clay Studio. Carpenter started working at Cafe Monet this summer and it is her first job.

Lucy Johnson, Dispatch Reporter

With summer finally in full swing, many teenagers are looking for an easy side hustle to keep themselves busy. These summer jobs make for a fun way to make a bit of money whether that be to spend or save. In the Southwest part of town there are many different places that teens could work at such as: ice cream shops, grocery stores, shopping centers, pizza restaurants, and pools. In addition to the businesses in that area, summer camps are also always in need of camp counselors. Parents are putting their children into summer programs as a way to keep them busy during the hot summer months, so help is needed.

Working a summer job can provide something for teens to direct their time and energy towards during the break from school. Many students find themselves enjoying their ability to keep busy during their free time, as well as make money. 

“Summer jobs can be important to teens because it gives you a hobby, and it gives you the ability to do fun activities with your friends,” sophomore Fiona Padalino said.

Additionally, students find that working a job grants them some feelings of independence, both financially and socially, as well as the opportunity to expand their work experience and skill set. 

“Working in a fast-paced work environment gives you the responsibility of the work environment and allows you to learn customer service,” sophomore Peyton Shwartz said. “It also helps build your social skills and gives you work experience.” 

Working a job requires that employees follow the expectations of their workplace, and offers many opportunities to grow leadership skills. Having work experience, no matter the rigor, can increase the probability of being employed in the future. 

“I think having a job helps someone become more responsible and well-rounded,” junior Lily Florance said. “Working in the service industry really helps build character and social skills, which can help you with future jobs and an adult life in general.”

Getting hired at a summer job has numerous steps, beginning with researching what places will hire teenagers. In Austin, it is common for jobs to require that their employees be at least 14 years of age.

“When applying for summer jobs I found it was easier to drive around my area and search for places that are hiring,” Padalino says. 

Next in the process is applying for potential jobs. Some places will offer their applications on their website, but it is often easiest to ask workers for the application directly. 

“It’s best to apply to places a month before summer and when the summer is ending,” sophomore Lexi Lashinger said. “This is when people are coming and leaving from school.”

After receiving an application, it is important to follow the instructions it lists. Turning in an application in-person can have many benefits, such as allowing the employer to remember the applicant’s face alongside their application. Additionally, applying to multiple businesses provides more opportunities to get hired. 

Following the application process, is interviews. It is common for job interviews to be conducted by the owner or lead manager. Many students report that preparation and professionalism is a key part of being hired, when it comes to the interview portion. 

“The best thing to do when being interviewed is to ask questions,” Lashinger says.”It shows that you care and aren’t just there to be there.”

The first day at a new job can be intimidating, but making a good impression among colleagues is a step in the right direction. Forming relationships alongside fellow employees can make the work experience more enjoyable, and limit any stress that may come with working. 

“If you’re a new employee: try to make friends,” Florance said. “Having a job becomes way better when you have someone to ask questions, complain with, and laugh with. The more you engage with and befriend your coworkers, the better your work environment will be.”