Were these essays written by a human or by ChatGPT?: Story 2

Brownies. Rectangular prisms of chocolatey goodness. Some of the greatest grub we’ve got on the whole globe. One of the best things a baker can build. Though their quality is nearly undisputed, one area where controversy may arise is in the debate between which is better, the brownies on the edge of the pan, or the ones in the center?
When one makes brownies in a pan, the brownies on the perimeter of the pan usually have a subtle but noticeable difference from the ones in the middle. The border brownies usually have more crispiness to them while also retaining some softness. Meanwhile, the inside brownies are soft and gooey through and through.
Personally, I prefer the brownies on the edges of the pan. These brownies have a certain nuance to them the inner brownies just don’t capture. The outer brownies, if cooked correctly, not only have a level of softness to them, but are crispy on the outer sections. You get the best part of the inner brownies and more.
The crunchiness the outer brownies possess is satisfying to chew and tasty to eat, similar to a good cookie. Then, you’re also lucky enough to have a softer section in addition to the crispy one. Some may not like these brownies as they are chewier than the center ones but I wholeheartedly disagree and think it helps you to take your time eating it.
I do understand why some people would prefer the inside brownies and the way they can melt in your mouth, especially the elderly. Personally, however, their simplicity is in my opinion a detriment to their quality.
Not only do the edge pieces taste better, these brownies are just more functional overall. Border brownies have a solid shell holding them together, helping to make sure they don’t fall apart in your hand. The inner brownies do not have this, and as a result can be annoying to hold. Not to mention making it miserable to try and dip them in a glass of milk, which is an underrated way to eat brownies, and just isn’t as satisfying with the softer brownies.
It’s hard to mess up a brownie. No matter where in the pan you take the brownie from it’ll probably be pretty good. For a brownie that rises above just pretty good, look to the outskirts of the batch. What you’ll find are brownies perfectly balanced in every way. Truly, the peak of the pan.


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