The Dispatch: Volume 35, Issue 6 and The Directive: Volume 3, Spring Issue

Alex Edwards, Online Editor-in-Chief

The new leadership team of the Dispatch is proud to share the final issue of the 2022-23 school year. Included in this issue are stories about graduation, social media use among teens, and final coverage of the year for a variety of clubs, organizations and sports. We have also included the 3rd issue of the Directive, the pop-culture magazine started last year. This third issue is focused on DIY. Please take some time to take a peek and get a little look at what the future has in store for the 2023-24 school year.

Dispatch print edition leadership team for 23-24 are: Kate Davis, Asher Hagen, Charlotte Koellner, Sophia Sanchez, Ben Tillisch, Emerson Traugott and Mazzy Warren. leadership team for 23-24 are: Alex Edwards, Austin Ikard and Mars Canepa.

The Directive was produced under the leadership of senior graduates: Grace Harris, Amara Lopez, All Ekrot, Emily Loewe and Lauren Wright.

For best viewing please download a copy of this PDF and use Adobe on your own device. The Directive is meant to be viewed as a magazine-style publication.