Senior Goodbye: Alli Ekrot


Alli Ekrot, Directive Editor

I could not be happier to say goodbye Bowie! During my four years here I had a lot of ups and downs, but I can say for certain now that I’m leaving I feel really ready to enter the world. Throughout my high school experience I’ve encountered things that helped me figure out how I interact with/ in the world, and through that I can try to figure out myself and I what I want to do in my life. I want to say thank you to Bowie for teaching me many lessons I will carry with me, especially thank you to all the teachers I connected with. Mr. Day, you were my favorite. Thank you to all my friends who got me through the day to day, who always made me laugh and gave me a good reason to come to school. Lee, thank you and I love you, you shifted everything for me. Thank you the directive for always showing me the importance of hard work and teamwork. I’ll miss this part of my life but I am more than excited to move on. Peace out!!!!