New gym gathers student excitement


Cooper Ceniceros-Fike

Los Campeones offers state of the art equipment with having four squat racks and a plethora of leg equipment.

Cooper Ceniceros-Fike, Staff Writer

As you hear the loud bangs of the metal weights and music as soon as you enter, you understand you are at the base of muscle building and strength training. Los Campeones is a new gym in the Austin area that has people rethinking what gyms should look like. Los Campeones is a bodybuilding gym with powerlifting equipment ranging from a huge free weight rack to a wide variety of machines. Bowie students that are seeking a better lifting experience have taken a major liking to this gym.  

“Bowie students should join Los Campeones because it is a good way to stay healthy, is a great environment to workout in and get yourself better,” junior Gibson Swift said. “The gym is state of the art, and the staff want to make a connection with you so it’s not just signing in but having a conversation with them.”

Los Campeones is not a commercialized gym and only has one location in Texas and a couple of other locations throughout the country. 

“Since it’s not a commercial gym and it’s privately owned, the staff really do care,” Swift said. “They’ll help you out whenever you need help and it feels like you’re going in and seeing friends and not just staff members. There is more a personal connection.” 

Los Campeones creates a culture by having special events and deals for customers such as having chiropractors come to the gym and doing different deal plans on memberships.

“People should come here because of our culture,” Los Campeones employee Christian Sanchez said. “They push to be the best and that goes for everyone regardless your age. Everyone who trains here firmly believes and agrees that we are all here for a reason.”

The gym offers different amenities ranging from new equipment getting put in frequently to a skyline view of the Texas Hill Country. 

“There’s a big little wraparound balcony that overlooks the building and gives a nice view to workout too,” junior Logan McCrea said. “My favorite part of the gym is how much machines they have added to the gym while going there. They have added a new T bar row variation for back days and a nice hack squat I use for leg days.”

Los Campeones offers single-month passes for $79.99 a month which is on the higher end of the price for memberships in the Austin area. 

“I think that $80 a month is a fair price when you are using your membership multiple times a week,” junior Alex Payne said. “This is one of the best gyms in Austin and comes along with a community with amazing people.”

 For the price of $80, members receive more than just the equipment. 

“The staff is always open to questions and offer help which saves you money from having to pay for a personal trainer,” Swift said. “The staff makes sure that the gym is always clean and it always is.”

Los Campeones prides itself in being one of the most cleanly gyms in the Austin area.

The staff are always cleaning such as mopping and wiping down areas,” senior Jake Boyd said. “The staff ensures that there is always fresh towels stocked.

“At Los Campeones, people express that they love this gym for the community that sets the standard here,” Sanchez said. “Bowie students should come train at Campeones to become the best they can be, mentally and physically.”