Film club hosts FIT functions

Harrison Austin, Staff Writer

Movies are a universal experience and sophomores Audrey Cullinane and Genevieve Thiel, along with their love for film and the help of English teacher Matthew Gordon, brought that experience to Bowie students.

By creating the film club, students can show their love for movies, watch movies, discuss and connect with each other. It’s not just about the movies, students can go to make new friends and enjoy spending time with one another while having something to connect over. The film club was previously existed during past years at Bowie but it was closed last year. Cullinane and Thiel saw the opportunity to revamp and make the club once again. 

‘’We knew about our school’s film club, but because of our involvement with theatre, we could never attend,” Thiel said. “So when film club shut down, we saw an opportunity to start our own club that we could hold during FIT, making it possible for people with after-school activities to attend.’’

Both Cullinane and Thiel had Gordon as their teacher last year, and decided that he would be a great sponsor for the club.  

Our teacher Mr. Gordon would always love to hear about whatever movies you’re watching,” Cullinane said. “He’s such a film nerd. I wanted to restart it so we could have a place to do that and have space for all people that come to watch movies and talk about it.” While both Cullinane and Thiel run the film club and are part of it, the two find the medium of film to inspire their everyday lives. I’ve always been passionate about criticizing and analyzing the world around me, and I saw no better way to do that than looking to film,” Thiel said “Movies have taught me so much about myself, and I always felt like they weren’t given enough credit for their influence,” Thiel said

Cullinane, wanting to pursue a career in film, finds it to be a great form of storytelling. Many people use film as a way of storytelling expressing themselves and sharing something they believe in and enjoy.  

I think it’s my favorite way of storytelling,” Cullinane said. “Like, you get a story. You get hot people to wear nice costumes. Have it beautifully shot and scored and hopefully that tells such a compelling story that teaches you life lessons.”

Directors in the film industry like to show their story in a world they create and control but at the same time connect to the world around them seeing the world from a new perspective.

Film is a way to better understand both myself and the world around me,” Thiel said. “All film is a reflection of life, no matter how far removed it may be from reality.”