‘The future is in all of your hands’

Holocaust survivor Lucy Katz speaks on campus


Natalie Cullen

SPEAKING TO THE CROWD: Katz speaks to the audience during her presentation. After speaking about her experience, she answered questions from students in the crowd. “We’re so mean to eachother,” Katz said. “We’re so critical and mean and divisive. And the world can’t continue to be like that. We have to reach out and be kind and accepting and lift people up.”

Natalie Cullen, Austin Ikard, and Alex Edwards

From Jan. 23 to Jan. 27, Bowie observed Holocaust Remembrance Week with daily morning announcements from the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum as well as Holocaust lessons in English and Social Studies classes.

On Jan. 30, Bowie hosted Lucy Katz, a Holocaust survivor, on campus to speak to a crowd of students. Katz was born in Poland in 1942 and was separated from her mother at three months old when she was hidden by a Catholic family during the Holocaust. Katz has served on the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission to the office of the governor and is a professional volunteer. The commission works to ensure that resources are available for students, educators, and the public regarding the Holocaust and other genocides while educating students through events coordinated around the state.

“I’m so in awe and inspired and hopeful,” Katz said. “I looked at the group and everyone was so attentive and interested. I felt like they cared, and that was just awesome. And that’s our hope, the future is in all of your hands.”