The deep mind-twirling mystery of the White Lotus

Lucy Johnson, Staff Writer

A fairly new show was released on HBO called The White Lotus. This series was released in 2021 as a comedy-drama that takes on a dark mystery feel. The production contains a cast of familiar faces who portray awkward, quirky, and frustrating characters to tell the story of a murder mystery. After a great reaction from the public, the series decided to renew for a second season which follows high expectations from the White lotus audience. The cast varies from season one to season two, and there is only one returning character from season to season. 

This HBO series is very layered. From the first episode to the last, the binge-worthy show leads the viewer down an ominous mystery, following the characters and their conflicts. Each season is set in some sort of exotic location creating an even more enjoyable show. While paying attention to the characters and the storyline that follows you are trying to figure out who was murdered and why. However, As you move through the episodes, not always did someone kill the person who died. The show itself is quite vulgar, and not necessarily an appropriate show for kids. Nonetheless, the show is great for somebody who likes the constant mind-twisting conundrum.

As the series starts you are told about a death which would later be revealed towards the end of the season. Throughout the entire season, there is somebody who dies without anybody knowing why or by who resulting in the continuation of the ongoing puzzle. The first season consists of class, money, and entitlement from the rich people who stayed at the White Lotus resort in Hawaii. The plot is extremely interesting. Thinking that death would be at the front of every guest’s mind, you notice that with every character they are dealing with some kind of selfish entitlement that overbears the constant aroma of death. It’s unique seeing how much more advantage people with money, power, and status have over the lower working class. How the writers of the show created the script was completely genius. Each of the guests conflicts and their interactions are portrayed with humorous dialog creating for an even more captivating slow-burn series. 

After the first season premiered the series grew in popularity and expectations were high. The release of the second season did not disappoint. This season is set in Italy and brings in an entirely different storyline, characters, and themes. However, some characters from the previous season are involved in this one. Intimacy and relationships were the prime focus of season 2. It was a perfect combination of reality, humor, and emotion which brings the audience into the thought-provoking plots. Like the first season, the second season begins with a body floating through the sea. Once again dealing with another murder mystery. After the course of a week, more bodies began to appear resulting in the audience believing the possibility of multiple main character deaths.

To conclude, In its release, the two-season show has gained a lot of popularity, which is why it could be renewed for a possible third season. The rich location of the resort and the emotional roller coaster of the characters create for an enjoyable binge-worthy show.