Golden Globes fashion flops proceed with deserved awards


Alex Edwards

The annual ceremony of the Golden Globes just finished its 80th year rounding up critically acclaimed films and actors.

Fiona Padalino, Staff Writer

The 2023 Golden Globes struck the media like a lightning bolt. The different opinions about the winners of each category and the outfits celebrities wore have taken over Youtube, TikTok, Twitter, and more. In my opinion, there are some winners that definitely deserved their win, yet some shows and movies that won I don’t agree with. 

Starting off with my opinions on the fashion choices of some of the celebrities. My favorite looks had to be from Jennifer Coolidge, Jenny Slate, Jenna Ortega, Liza Koshy, and Jeremy Pope. Surprisingly, the worst looks were Adam Scott, Letitia Wright, Selena Gomez, Heidi Klum, and more. Jennifer Coolidge had a classic black sparkly dress that dazzled my eyes and was followed by a nice sleek ending that covered her feet in an appealing way. The solid black strap over her shoulder really finished the look that complemented her shiny curled blonde hair. 

Adam Scott was nominated for his show Severance and for Best Television Actor. With his variety in shows and multiple appearances, I would think that he would dress nicer at an event like this, but I do have to say I hated his look. If I could give him some credit for the outfit, it would be the dark silky green color that the suit had, but otherwise, it looks clashy and overall awkward. The worst piece is the long skinny brownish-black bow tie that was on his neck. The bow overlaps with his suit jacket and overall makes him look like a show poodle. I also don’t like the thick black cummerbund that is along his waist. If he was to have just a nice belt that was gold, or brown it would tie the whole outfit together. Instead of the tie around his neck, I think that he should have unbuttoned the top few buttons and worn a necklace. 

To tie off the fashion aspect of the Golden Globes, in my opinion, the best-dressed person was Jenna Ortega. Her glamorous dress was perfect in every way and blew away the rest of the outfits. She had the perfect color combination for her skin tone and in addition, the auburn color of her curtain bangs added a touch of completion to her outfit. I really love the golden hoops that attach the crosshatching of her fabric across her torso to the other side. The silver jewelry complements the almost pinkish rose gold color of her dress that flows down and across the carpet. Ortega looks elegant and I think that she dressed perfectly to fit the title of “Golden Globes”. If I could talk about fashion forever I would, but a more pressing topic is who won and who didn’t.

Austin Butler has made multiple appearances in various Nickelodeon shows as a background character and has had numerous teen drama movies his rise to fame was his portrayal as Elvis Presley in Baz Lurhrmann’s Elvis. This role allowed Butler to gain critical acclaim and praise from the Presley family. His talent and performance allowed Butler to receive his first Golden Globe nomination for the Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture-Drama category. I think that Austin Butler rightfully earned that Golden Globe as he put countless hours into tediously analyzing what it meant to be the King of Rock and Roll music, Elvis Presley. His talent of playing the guitar from age 13, and singing allowed him to perfect his every move and make the audience believe that instead of watching somebody play the role of Elvis Presley, it felt like you were watching Austin become Elvis Presley. It just was like watching a 2 hour 39 minute performance from Elvis Presley himself. 

As I said, Austin Butler deserves everything that is coming to him for this performance, and the Golden Globe that he received perfectly reflects this. On the other hand, something that I wish should’ve won but didn’t was Puss in Boots: The Last Wish. The movie that won the animated category was Guillermo del Toro’s Pinnochio. I am not necessarily saying that Pinnochio should not have won, I am more disappointed that Puss in Boots didn’t win. This movie is honestly so entertaining for all ages, has great sound effects, and great cinematography. In the movie, there are funny aspects that you wouldn’t expect from a kid’s movie, and there are scary moments that actually gave me the chills. The message of the movie resonated with me after leaving the theaters and one thing that I loved was that you didn’t need to know the Puss in Boots timeline to understand the movie. 

The annual ceremony of the Golden Globes just finished its 80th year rounding up critically acclaimed films and actors. I think that the Golden Globes is a beautiful and honoring event that allows celebrities to express themself through their fashion, even if it’s horrible, and receive awards to pay off their talented hard work.