Is the Stanley cup worth the price?


Bentlee Toland

The Stanley water bottle comes in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Their smallest size is 10 oz then their largest is 64 oz.

Bentlee Toland, Staff Writer

Another insulated water bottle has risen in popularity: the Stanley water bottle. The Stanley water bottle has become popular for many reasons, the main one being its double-wall vacuum insulation that keeps drinks hot or cold. Stanley’s advertising estimates that drinks stay 2 days iced, 11 hours cold and 7 hours hot. Everyone loves a water bottle that keeps their drink cold but the question is what makes this water bottle better than other notable brands like Hydro Flask and Yeti.

The Stanley water bottle comes in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Their smallest size is 10 oz then their largest is 64 oz. Many love how big they are but that also means they are very heavy, with Stanley’s most popular water bottle weighing 1.4 lb. A problem with it being too big is it not fitting in some cup holders or backpack water bottle holders. In my opinion that is way too heavy for a water bottle and would cause me great discomfort to carry a water bottle that heavy all day. 

One feature I love about the Stanley water bottle is the color variety. They have colors from stormy sea to red dust and many more. Another thing I love about the Stanley water bottle is they are dishwasher safe and have a life limited lifetime warranty. 

But in my opinion, one of my biggest issues with Stanley is the price. On their website, they range from 20 to 51 dollars. Due to their popularity, they are constantly out of stock which is causing people to be re-selling them for insane amounts of money. I have seen the cost go up to over 100 dollars for one of the trending Stanley cups. 

The water bottle does a good job at keeping things hot and cold for good amounts of time compared to the other water bottle competitors. However, some customers are complaining about a leaking problem with the lid despite the website saying it is leakproof. This could be a massive make or break for Stanley; no one wants a water bottle that leaks.

I do have to admit I love the look of the water bottle and how they come in many different styles. They have sports jugs, kids’ water bottles, and even thermoses. You can also buy their reusable straw packs on the Stanley website. I am not a fan of the straws in lots of other water bottles. The straws can break or when you bend the straws they won’t go back to being straight. Yet the Stanley straw does none of these; They did a good job on the design.

I believe the Stanley water bottle is a good choice to pick out of the other options that are out there. I would just say they need to fix their stock problem because me and many others would love to have a Stanley water bottle but not for over 100 dollars. I would say Stanley deserves the attention it has been getting and is a good water bottle for everyone to have.