Crime in Austin on the rise affects Bowie


Natalie Cullen

As Austin grows rapidly, crime rates are steadily increasing day by day.

Madison Carby, J1 Reporter

As Austin grows rapidly, crime rates are steadily increasing day by day. The community surrounding Austin is becoming unsafe. Student and parents are always worried about when the next time another horrible situation will happen in school or out. 

Bowie does not create the safe environment I want at a school. 

Schools around the world including Bowie have made new rules to prevent school shootings or unsafe habits in their classrooms. Even knowing that there are new rules in place to keep me safe, I still have anxiety about coming to school when there is such a risk for something bad to happen.

Anyone can get into the Bowie campus easily. During the school day, I have noticed how exterior school doors are unlocked and unsupervised. 

Students are not aware of the exit routes in case of an emergency. Bowie has only had one fire drill so far this entire year and just because we have practiced one exit route from one classroom does not mean we know how to get out of a different classroom.

There are not enough staff supervising the campus to where the campus is safe and secure. If students got into a fight there would be no one there to stop them. If someone were to get into the school no one would know until it would be too late to stop them. 

However Bowie has added student ID’s to help identify someone who does not belong on campus. Students do not wear their ID at all times so it does not do anything. Teachers do not do a good job enforcing IDs. They do not even notice a student does not have their ID until said student asks to go to the bathroom. 

Bowie should have more available staff on campus to watch over the students. Having more available staff on campus would prevent unnecessary crime from taking place at Bowie.

Students should be able to feel safe and protected when on school campuses.