Tim Burton’s new series sparks attention of many

Netflix’s “Wednesday” series was released on Nov. 23 and features Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams


Maddy Franco

I recommend Wednesday to really anyone because it covers so many categories that anyone would love it. 

Maddy Franco, Digital Staff

While attending a normal school Wednesday was the outcast but at Nevermore Academy she was still an outcast. This new Netflix show focuses on the journey of Wednesday Addams at her new school. While trying to master her new psychic ability she uncovers more than she had ever imagined, including, her family’s hidden past and the mass murders happening around the town. The series allows viewers to follow along with Wednesday as she uncovers the dark tails of Nevermore Academy.

Usually, spin-offs of other movies and shows aren’t the best but the new Wednesday series defies that. Several spin-offs of the original Addams family have been released and Wednesday is by far one of the best in my opinion. Wednesday was released during Thanksgiving weekend on Nov. 23. It has set records for Netflix’s most-viewed show and it is number one on the top ten list in over 80 countries.

Jenna Ortega plays Wednesday and she portrays the role extremely well. To pursue the role to the best of her ability she made a mood board and she included Billie Eilish as one of the biggest things on there. Just for this role, she learned how to play the cello and archery, dedicating months and months of hard work to master this role. She even choreographed her own dance moves for the dance at Nevermore. 

One of my favorite scenes is when the boat race was happening and everyone was ganging up against each other. Each team was once in the lead until someone pulled something up their sleeve to sink a boat. The sirens had extra help from one of their friends who would push the boat into a buoy until Wednesday came along and trapped the siren. Once it came down to the three boats they all retrieved the flags until Wednesday broke into one of her episodes where she faced Goody Addams for the first time. Throughout the whole ordeal, Thing, Wednesday’s hand-shaped family member, would come in and distract the other teams and he also helped Wednesday’s team to victory. 

This series really brings out the true Wednesday and all she is for. They chose amazing actors to act the role of the family and the students of Nevermore really add a touch to the whole show. Even though there is a bit of teenage romance I feel it always adds a little more to the plot but it also is canceled out by Wednesday and her classmates. 

Overall this show is truly one of my new favorites. This show offers so much, like action, mystery, comedy, and so much more. So if you’re in the mood for a good dark mystery then this is for you. I recommend it to really anyone because it covers so many categories that anyone would love it.